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1 SAAVCoin = $0.01



The SAAVcoin token is the currency that powers "Agamé". Agamé is a virtual world set in feudal Europe, featuring historically-appropriate battling clans and barbarian tribes. It uses military forces and strategy from that era; players will have the ability to accumulate goods such as consumables, buildings, and military resources, over time. An in-game open market allows trading with other players.

Agamé will be playable in a web browser, or using native apps on all major platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux). The game will be free to enter; players will be able to purchase or trade items within the game using "gold", purchased using a SAAV-issued cryptocurrency called SAAVcoin, traded on the Ethereum network.

SAAVcoins (SAAV) are digital assets acting as the premium in-game currency in Agamé. SAAVcoin will be issued in a limited supply of 1 billion units at an initial price of $.01 per SAAV with 75% of the total supply being offering during the SAAVcoin Token Sale.

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